a live



Human is a part of nature. I don’t know why I feel like this. Is it because I am Japanese or I was brought up enjoying wild flowers in a field or alpine flowers in the mountains? I had always been familiar with wild flowers in my childhood. I learned how to commune with nature. Nature’s full of vitality and is vividly beautiful. But for me, I also think it beautiful and touching when nature expire and turns withered and decayed.
Every living thing changes its figure with the passage of time, which never stays in the same state. Not only plants and animals but also water or even sand, they have lives and never stay in the same moment, just like us, human. We all are a part of the earth.
Some start their lives and the others have gone. Life and death exist at the same moment. The line between them is very fine. We can’t think it separate. We only see one side of them momentarily. The view of each stage is very important to me. Therefore, I talk with all living things no matter how big or small in a subtle, whispering voice. I have never told anyone that I had talks with nature.

After my parents passed away, I started to take photographs. I try to focus on small lives. In my photographs, I want to express how they live and what they want to say to us. Thanks to the camera, I capture the words to tell.