Motoko Sato   佐藤 素子


I was born in Nakano-ku, Tokyo. As a daughter of the botanical artist, Hiroki Sato, I was brought up with enjoying wild flowers and alpine flowers. And I learned how to commune with them from my father. When I was in 4th grade in the elementary school, I was interested in the fabric-dyeing because I was fascinated by the kasuri, swallow splashed pattern. By learning a drawing under the sculptor, I decided to major in oil painting at Musashino Art University. I had cared for my parents for more than ten years when they passed away a few years ago. And then I started to take pictures with the digital camera. At the beginning, I took wild flowers and alpine flowers in the neighborhood. After a while I began to go to the mountains or fields for taking photos of nature on holiday. I found out about the coated paper for printing, I became keen on the photographic printing.